Hello Meera is a 2023 Indian Telugu-language Psychological Family-drama film written and directed by Srinivasu Kakarla. The year 2023 brings forth a haunting cinematic experience that pays homage to the eerie tales of the past. “1920 Horrors of the Heart,” a film released in this modern era, takes inspiration from the chilling narratives of the 1920s, exploring themes of love, fear, and the supernatural. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of this captivating film that transports us back to a bygone era, while infusing it with a fresh twist for contemporary audiences.

Release date

23 June 2023


1Avika GorMeghna
2Rahul DevShantanu
3Barkha BishtMeghna’s mother
4Randheer RaiMeghna’s late father
5Danish PandorArjun (Meghna’s Boyfriend)
6Ketaki KulkarniAditi
7Naveen Singh
8Amit Behl
9Avtar GillChief Servant


In the year 1920, in the small town of Ravenswood, there lived a young woman named Evelyn Sinclair. She was known for her ethereal beauty, captivating the hearts of all who laid eyes upon her. Yet, behind her enchanting façade, Evelyn carried a deep sorrow within her heart.

Evelyn had recently lost her beloved husband, James, to a mysterious illness that had swept through the town. His passing had left her shattered, and she found solace only in her memories of their once-happy life together. But as days turned into weeks and weeks into months, Evelyn’s grief began to transform into something far more sinister.

Whispers of a dark presence echoed through the town, tales of vengeful spirits and restless souls haunting Ravenswood. Rumors spread like wildfire, and it wasn’t long before the townsfolk linked these eerie happenings to Evelyn and her broken heart.


“1920 Horrors of the Heart,” a 2023 film, pays tribute to the chilling tales of the 1920s while breathing new life into the narrative for modern audiences. Through its exploration of love’s darker shades, the supernatural, and atmospheric dread, this film offers a captivating and terrifying experience. It reminds us that the horrors that lie within the human heart are timeless, and that the mysteries and fears of the past still resonate in our present lives.

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