Google’s latest ChromeOS update is now available to users. It supports switching to a dark theme. It was previously hidden behind developer flags while it was being tested, but finally made its official debut on ChromeOS 104 after dark mode settings an unexpected appearance and more in other Google products.

Google has posted a blog post about the new feature. The company states that the dark theme will make it easier to read at night and in low light. It also mentions that the wallpaper and UI will change to be lighter and more airy when the theme is switched to light.

ChromeOS had previously only included a “nightlight” setting in its software. This allows you to see your screen in low lighting by changing the screen tint.

ChromeOS 104 Light and Dark Mode come with their own wallpapers

ChromeOS104 also offers an “auto” setting that automatically switches between a dark and light theme depending on the day. It also includes matching backgrounds that can be subtly altered with it.

How to change the display theme

Here are some ways to change the display theme of ChromeOS 104.

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Personalization
  • Select Set your wallpaper & style  
  •  Based on your preference, select Light, Dark, or Auto mode

The Wallpaper and Style settings can be accessed through your home screen. Simply press your touchpad with 2 fingers and select the option.

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