AI has completely revolutionized many areas of our lives, such as video creation. Thanks to AI-powered tools, it has never been simpler or cheaper to craft eye-catching videos without needing complex technical knowledge or costly software programs. Here, we explore how anyone can create stunning AI videos using Kreado AI’s revolutionary user-friendly features combined with its AI power.

Register With Kreado AI

To get started with Kreado AI, visit its website and create a free account by providing some personal data such as name and email address before creating a password for security. Having done that, you’ll gain access to its platform features.

Select Your Video Template

Kreado AI offers an assortment of pre-designed video templates designed for different uses – promotional videos, social media posts and tutorials among them – making selecting one that best meets your goals or requirements an easy process. Explore Kreado’s library and pick out one that resonates.

Customize a Video Template

Once you’ve selected a template, Kreado AI provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface which enables you to add or remove elements, edit text and color schemes, upload personal photos/video clips as well as choose from its selection of built-in animations/effects to personalize your video further.

Utilizing Kreado AI features

A hallmark of Kreado AI’s value lies in its AI-powered features that can take your video production further. For instance, voiceovers can be easily added by typing out desired text; Kreado AI then generates natural-sounding voiceovers with AI voices for your video! Likewise, subtitles made possible via AI will ensure it reaches more viewers than ever.

Review Your Video and Fine-Tune Details

After customizing and adding AI features to your video template, take time to fine-tune its details – such as timing animations to ensure readability or making any necessary modifications – then preview it to check how it looks before making additional tweaks if required.

Export and Share Your Video

Now that the final version of your video has been created, it’s time to export and share it. Kreado AI lets you export videos in various formats and resolutions depending on your requirements, while downloadable versions may then be shared across social media, websites or video-sharing services such as Youtube.


Producing AI-powered videos no longer falls solely to professionals or those with technical knowledge; with Kreado AI’s user-friendly interface and AI features, anyone can create impressive videos free of charge using its impressive AI features. By following the steps outlined herein you can tap into its power to produce captivating videos that engage and resonate with audiences of any size – get creative, experiment with various templates provided, and let Kreado AI lead the way towards producing captivating clips without breaking your budget!

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