Need solutions for iPhone stuck on Apple logo storage full? You are in the right place. This is one of the common issues faced by iPhone users after updating to iOS 15/16. It is a 100% iOS system error encountered when iPhone storage gets full.

This article will provide you with the most appropriate solutions for this problem. But before you work on any troubleshooting tip, check if you have cleared the junk files. Although there are many apps to fix the issue, first, try to solve the problem by yourself.

Why Does iPhone Hang on Apple Logo?

Saving messages, photos, videos, and other data can eat up excessive memory on your iPhone. Not cleaning the junk files in the internal memory can overload your device. The moment your iPhone storage gets full, your device will get stuck on the Apple logo.

Not having enough storage will make the operating system or software behave strangely. Even you may experience unpredictable and inconsistent performance. Saving the new data becomes a big challenge now. So, fix the issue with the below tips.

5 Ways to Solve It

1. Remove Unnecessary Things

Clearing system data on iPhone can be a possible solution when your iPhone gets stuck on the Apple icon. If you wonder how to clear system data on iPhone or iPad, it’s easy, and there are numerous potential ways to do it. Erase old photos and videos and their duplicate copies.

Removing old backups can free up some space as these files might be taking storage. Check the list of apps and find which one you don’t require anymore. Uninstall unused applications and check how much space it reduces.

2. Reset Your Phone

The process to hard reset or force-restart your iPhone is different for various iPhone models. For 6s or SE, tap and hold the Home Down and Sleep/Wake buttons until the Apple logo is there on the screen.

For iPhone 7, keep pressing the Sleep/Wake and Volume Down buttons till the screen shows the Apple logo. For iPhone 8 and later models, tap the volume up then volume down button. Keep pressing the side button till the Apple logo is available. 

Use iTunes Recovery Mode

The recovery mode of iTunes fixes the iPhone stuck on Apple logo storage full error by restoring your device. Don’t forget to back up all your crucial data before using this method. Restoring the device will erase all the stored data of your iPhone.

To use this method, connect your phone to the computer and enter your iPhone in recovery mode. The procedure to put an iPhone in this mode is the same as discussed above. Next, open iTunes and choose your phone. At last, click on Restore.

Fix the Issue with DFU Mode

iTunes also offers another method of using DFU Mode to fix this iPhone problem. It is considered the best solution for users with a technical background. Normal users will find it difficult to execute.  

To start using this option:

  1. Connect your phone to your computer.
  2. Keep pressing the Sleep or Wake and Home button for 8 seconds.
  3. Keep holding the Home button and release the Wake/Sleep button when the screen converts to black.

Use Finder to Restore your Phone

Access Finder on Mac and link your iPhone to Finder. Tap the iOS device name and connect with it. When the Device resumes the same iTunes, keep the iPhone in Recovery Mode. For iPhone 6s and 6S Plus, keep holding the home & power buttons.

Release once you see the Apple logo. For iPhone 7, tap the power and volume down buttons. For later versions, press and release the volume up & down buttons. Keep holding the side button till there is a computer with a light cable. Hit Restore and install the new iOS.

Other Useful Tips

If you have implemented all the above tips and still your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo, try other simple ways. Clear the cache files from the web browser you are using and restart your iPhone just after it. Reset your phone when used for long hours.

iCloud Drive allows accessing files from various Apple devices synchronized with iCloud. So, disable iCloud by clicking the Off button. Reinstall Facebook, as it doesn’t feature an automatic cache removal process. Jailbreaking can also corrupt your device. So be careful.  


Whether playing your favorite game or doing other work, you don’t want your iPhone to get stuck in between. So, regularly optimize your iPhone storage so that you don’t have to deal with problems happening due to insufficient space.

If you’re already seeing your iPhone stuck on the Apple logo, free up some storage. This guide will help you with potential solutions regardless of how long you’ve been experiencing this problem. So, hurry up before it turns into some major issue.

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