To help small businesses better understand the platform–and how to rapidly grow–TikTok has announced the launch of a new educational program called “Follow Me.” The program will be of six weeks duration and is set to run from Monday July 11th till August 19th.
The six-week, email-based program will include an overview of important best practise notes, explainers on TikTok’s Ads Manager and other marketing strategies on how to create a free Business Account and the use of Creative Center for content inspiration.

In addition to being free, the webinars promise to showcase a revolving cast of influencer business owners. Among others, the sessions will include Cassie Sorenson of Flagstaff, Arizona-based handmade accessories brand Tassel Amor and Jacob Zander of Santa Barbara, California-based shoe brand Feel your Soul. Users can get opportunity to access best practices tutorials for running TikTok campaigns and integrating a brand’s story into videos.
According to estimates, TikTok is on course to exceed 1.5 billion users in 2022, making it the Top 3rd most used social media platform on the globe and that ubiquity may well be very precious in making improvements in brand awareness, and achieving a much broader target audience.

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