Policegiri is a 2013 Indian Hindi-language action film directed by K. S. Ravikumar and produced by T. P. Aggarwal and Rahul Aggarwal. The film stars Sanjay Dutt, Prachi Desai, and Prakash Raj in lead roles. The film is a remake of the Tamil film Saamy (2003) and is about a tough and honest police officer who takes on corruption in the police force. Policegiri received mixed reviews from audiences and critics and was a moderate box-office success.

Policegiri Cast

  1. Sanjay Dutt as Chandramohan
  2. Prachi Desai as Rani
  3. Prakash Raj as Commissioner
  4. Upen Patel as Singhania
  5. Murli Sharma as Baba
  6. Zakir Hussain as Chief Minister
  7. Saurabh Shukla as Advocate
  8. Anil Kapoor (special appearance)


“Policegiri” follows the story of a suspended cop named Chandramohan (played by Sanjay Dutt), who is brought back to the force to handle a high-stakes operation. The city is being terrorized by a criminal gang, and the police are struggling to bring the situation under control. Chandramohan is tasked with taking down the gang and restoring order to the city.

Along the way, he meets a journalist named Pooja (played by Prachi Desai), who helps him uncover the truth behind the criminal activities and the motivations of the gang leader. As Chandramohan delves deeper into the case, he faces numerous challenges and obstacles, including corrupt politicians and corrupt police officers who are in league with the gang.

Despite the odds stacked against him, Chandramohan remains determined to bring the gang to justice and restore peace to the city. He engages in several high-octane action sequences, using his wit, strength, and bravery to overcome the obstacles in his path. In the end, Chandramohan succeeds in bringing the gang to justice and restoring order to the city.


The film was released on June 5, 2013, and was distributed by Eros International. Overall, “Policegiri” was a modest budget production, but the film was successful at the box office, earning a moderate return on its investment. The film received mixed reviews from audiences and critics, with some praising the action sequences and Sanjay Dutt’s performance, while others criticized the storyline and the film’s overall execution.


In conclusion, “Policegiri” is a typical Bollywood action film that features high-octane action sequences, drama, and a bit of romance. The film stars Sanjay Dutt in the lead role and showcases his acting and action skills. Despite its flaws, “Policegiri” remains a popular film among fans of Bollywood action movies and continues to be enjoyed by audiences today.

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