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The Ibomma supports and provides a helping hand to people who want to write out their ideas, guidelines, tips, tricks, pitches and thought process on technology-related topics. TheIbomma will work as a credible source in bringing out your writings and snippets to the just audience. Where the point is, The Ibomma has a well-established concrete medium with the support of massive readers and an audience. 

You can easily write for us tech 

Write for us technology/tech at The Ibomma would be a win-win situation for you. Regardless write for us technology not only focuses on aspirants who are experienced or have parallel expertise. But indeed, if you are a fresher or a newbie to content creation, you will enjoy even privileges and outcomes that any other people in the related field could do. 

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Things To Consider When Submitting a Technology Guest Post

To carry off your write for us tech to its just position, you must take some points in your mind. Where the fact is that writing for us tech at The Ibomma means rules and regulations. However, they are not any hard and fast rules. As we understand, there should not be many restrictions or regulations to bring out creativity in your work. Our top priority and aid to our contributors is freedom of speech. 

  • You can write on topic accordingly to your interest and mindset. 
    • But at the same time, make sure that the topic you are going to write must be helpful for the audience. 
    • Search out what is trending in the market 
    • What people need, what they are actively looking for 
  • Look for the expiry and duration of the topic. 
    • Try to choose the evergreen subjects you want; if somebody searches for a month or a year later, it should be evenly competing. 
  • You would have complete freedom of speech. You are equally able to write on any topic once it relates to the field of technology. 

Professionalism and art of expertise 

No matter if you are new to content creation with no experience. Our contributors and aspirants from all things must consider that we are currently searching for a content creator who can write on the subject matter of tech simultaneously with some sense of professionalism, a touch of expertise and mastery. While writing for us tech, try to introduce the uniqueness of ideas, themes and vision. Your writing style should look somewhat different and heterocentric from the rest of the relative field. If you think you can write like a pro, then you are more than welcome to The Ibom. 

The blog posts; you May Write For Us Technology

  • Make your content available for all types of readers, and write in a simplified style that is acceptable and reachable for beginners and as well as advanced people. 
  • Avoid adding extra things and data that are not suitable to the theme of the text to sound more relevant and authentic. 
  • To express expertise and mastery in your write for us tech Blogspot, use keywords, selective terminologies and phrases; there are tech-related jargons which you can learn to sound more like a pro. 
  • Though at the same you should make sure that your writings are simple to the point 
  • Publish your thoughts and opinions freely in your text 
    • Though make sure you are providing some value, you are awareness them. 
    • Put out your ideas and the way you perceive things but with justifications of facts and backgrounds, research and references.

Tech write for us guidelines: 

TheIbomma is not a website that publishes every other guest blogging post. Every post needs some consideration and requirements to fill before its submission process. Check the consideration before to know if you are capable enough to write for us tech. 

  • There is no chance of submission if there are any linguistic errors in your content. 
  • Content must be at least 600+ words.
  • Don’t write too promotional.
  • Consider user intent and information
  • Avoid copying other’s content.
  • Don’t add links promotionally.
  • Avoid adding bad links.
  • Write the appropriate usage of vocab.
    • Avoid unnecessary and fanciful words, as the audience has no interest in your collection of fanciful or difficult words.
  • There should not be any mistakes related to spelling.
    • Use the correct spelling as there are few words that are pronounced the same but have different spellings; always what you are going to write. 
    • Focus on homophones.
  • Pay attention to the writing system of a language, English. 
  • Know the exact use of different phrases and variant jargon.
  • Know the proper use of punctuation, including period, hyphen, inverted, dash, exclamation points, brackets, commas, semicolons, colon, ellipsis, parentheses, brackets, braces, apostrophes and so on.
  • You will submit original work that is plagiarism-free, nothing but the work that belongs to you.
    • You will not re-publish it again somewhere else. 
    • Your work should not be copyright or pasted of another’s work. It should be free from any infringement of the right.

Topics Tech to Write For Us 

  • Cyber security.
  • Automation and robotics. 
  • Tech guides, trips and tricks.
  • Augmented Reality.
  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Internet of Things.
  • Software and networking.
  • Mobile & gadgets.
  • Analytics
  • Big-data
  • Cloud computing
  • Metavers & NFT’s.
  • Machine learning.
  • Write tricks and reviews about tech-related devices such as a handheld computers, uninterruptible power supplies, audiovisual equipment, home audio systems, TVs, and projector.
  • Select the niche categories of game console, Xbox, PlayStation.
  • Devices like that mobiles, cameras and tablets.
  • You can write on the topics in terms of software and applications such as iPhone, Ipad and Android.
    • Select varying types of applications like that hybrid native and web apps.
  • Follow the trends and seasonal subjects. 
  • Select the ever-growing field of reviews and feedback.
    • Establish your personal opinion and regards.
  • Update audience towards technological news and information. 
  • Newfangled applications of technology.
    • Smart house systems for automation.
    • Bleeding-edge security systems.

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